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As I sit on the Dalmation coast trying to keep up with the pace of creating content that I set for msyelf and fall further and further behind, I decided I needed to just get the rest of the photos from Italy off my plate and onto this blog.  I’ve tried to make them faster to load by compressing them more but there are a LOT of them. As always for words and story see Melynda’s blog at

Here are the hilights:

  • We visited La Specola which may be the wierdest museum in Florence.
  • We had a GLORIOUS sunset in the Cinque Terre town of Riomaggiore when we arrived.  I gleefully snapped away.  Then we had a hiking day and some rain. See our video here.
  • After our fun time in the bell tower of Siena, we climbed Gioto’s Bell Tower in Firenze and went inside the Cupola.  That was fun because the boys had been learning about Bruneleschi’s dome and how they still aren’t sure how he managed to build it.  See our video here
  • We went to a bunch of museums including the Uffizi gallery. See our video here.
  • We scrambled around Florence creating a brief Dan Brown Inferno video, just for fun. (coming soon)

As I mentioned, there are a lot of photos.

Click on a photo and it will bring up a window that you can click through.


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